Saturday, January 13, 2018

Apples and pears

Once I finished working on the pile of red strips I then made a start on the yellow scraps 

 To end up with apple and pear hot pads.

I have put these in my "giftie box" for a later date. 

Linking with Oh Scrap.

Now onto the next project but in the meantime

 Happy sewing all

Friday, January 5, 2018


Tonight is the first FNwF for 2018 and in keeping with my motto for this year....keep it small.....a beach bag for use by hubs and I when going to the beach each morning was the first cab off the rank.

Seeing that hubs usually carrys the bag I thought that the pink flamingo fabric that I saw would not be appreciated by him so  my choice was toned down to the above and besides it was on special for $4.00 a metre and a metre was all that was needed.    A cheap beach bag!!!!!

It has a pocket on the inside secured by velco in which to put the car keys for safe keeping so all in all it only took just over an hour to make tonight. 

Back soon and in the meantime.

P.S.    It was cut out earlier in the week!!!!!! which I always think is the slowest part. 

Happy sewing all

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Back in the box

The time has come to take down the Christmas decorations which have been adorning the inside of our house for the past month.   Somehow it is not as exciting to have to take down and put away the decorations as it is to get them out and put them on display.

While I was "undressing" the tree and putting the decorations and tinsel in their respective boxes ready for next Christmas

Hubs was collecting the Christmas cards, taking down the wall hangings and other decorations on tables and shelves in various room.  Then of course at the end of all the putting away comes the vacuuming of the tinsel that somehow seems to float off the tree and onto the floor to be tracked through the rest of the house. 

When doing this job each year I always think of those people who do the most amazing displays all over their houses including the garden and roof and wonder just how long it takes them to dismantle all those bits and pieces and then where do they store them? 

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is being run again over at So Scrappy .  I took part in the Rainbow Challenge two years ago and ended up with a beautiful quilt which now sits on Miss M's bed.  I did not take part last year but thought I would join in again this year in order to try and get those scraps down.    I did say that I was going to keep my projects small this year so I have decided to make an item of each month's nominated colour.  January is blue so I am going to have a dig around and pull all of my blue scraps out and see how they end up.


Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Monday, January 1, 2018

OMG for January

A New Year brings new goals.    Taking a look back on my sewing from last year I have decided to keep my projects smaller this year.     During the time that I was working solidly on my hexie bed topper I did take some "diversional therapy breaks"  to give me some instant gratification of a quick finish and I really enjoyed sewing these smaller items such as hot bowl holders, an origami bag, snap top bags and I did make a start on sewing these strips of fabric together but never got any further so my OMG for January is to finish sewing these strips and turn them into something useful.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Let the party begin.....

Every year hubs and I host a VIP party on New Year's Eve for ......just him and me and this year was no exception.    On the menu was leftover nuts, chips, cheeses, crackers and fruit from Christmas Day with the addition of a bottle of bubbles. 


Wishing you all a safe 2018.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Best of 2017

Another year has nearly ended and it is nice to be able to look back and see what was achieved in the way of sewing during the year.    At the beginning it was decided that 3 items that had been hanging around my sewing room  were to be completed no matter what and I am pleased to say that that goal was reached. 

Firstly was my 365 daily circle quilt

Next on the list was the fairy quilt that I made for Miss M's big girl bed.

I had started a quilt on a retreat which sat around for sometime and so it was decided in order to get this one finished it was to become a tablerunner.

Then onto finish off the rainbow quilt

And of course the last finish for the year is my hexagon quilt which was started in 2010.

Thanks to Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs for hosting the Best of 2017 linky party.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, December 22, 2017

The marathon has been run

At last I can present to you my hexagon bed topper which was started back in 2010 when I was bitten by the bug.   I took this project along to my quilting group each month as it was a good portable hand project to work on and I also worked on it during some lunch breaks when at work.     It got to a certain stage by 2011 and then just sat around until this year which I had named the year of finishing off three projects that have been sitting around for  too long - this one being the longest.

I picked it up again only to discover that the last piece was missing so I have been working solidly on it since October.

Today was FNSI and I was determined to get the topper finished by Christmas so an early start was made today to ensure that my goal was reached.

I have to give a special mention to hubs who patiently sat and cut out all those hexie shaped papers at the beginning of my hexie journey.   So here it is

If you would like to see what everyone got up to during FNSI head on over to Wendy's blog and you are sure to be inspired.   Thank you Wendy for hosting FNSI during the year and I hope that it continues in 2018. 

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and enjoy whatever way you celebrate the Season with family and friends.

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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all